Dinner and a Show added to the Raffle!

We have another addition to the Raffle. The Eldorado family has donated a dinner and show package for 4. Our thanks to the Carano family and the Eldorado Resorts’ The Row for their donation and support of Bees4Vets.

This prize will be included in our Raffle drawing coming up soon. Tickets are being sold now, don’t miss out on your chance. You can purchase tickets from any director or officer of Bees4Vets or from our web site via PayPal. You may also send us a check and one of our directors will be at the Riverside Farmer’s Farmer’s Market at the McKinley Arts Center, Saturday mornings from now until our drawing.

Don’t miss out, get your tickets NOW!

Thank you all Veterans

Bees4Vets is grateful to every veteran who served our nation, protected our freedoms, and answered the call for self-sacrifice. You are our heroes, and our family.

We are humbled and honored to serve each of our Bees4Vets student-beekeepers. Thank you for all that you have given us, and allowing us to give back with our honey bees. We wish you all peace on this day of remembrance, and pride, of our armed service members.

“True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost”. Arthur Ash

Thank you for the donations

Two bee keeping vendors made donations to Bees4Vets this year. Those donations directly help support the equipment needs of our program and students.

I want to thank Brushy Mountain Bee Farm and GloryBee for their generous support of our program and students. Without the support of the beekeeping community we wouldn’t have as nice a program for our veterans.

If you would like to support our program, we can take donations via PayPal, check, or cash as well as donations of equipment. We also accept volunteers to help our students lift and move hive boxes, etc.

Student’s inspect their hives

Student’s inspect their hives

Every week our student’s inspect their hives.  They get to see the hives develop and get to compare them to each other.  Every hive is different, some grow faster, gather more nectar,etc.  Some grow rapidly, some barely grow at all.  Our students get to see it all, hives that go queenless, how to combine hives, how to make splits and all the other normal tasks of beekeeping.

Thank you Nevada!

A big thank you to everyone who supported us during the NVEnergy Power of Good Giveaway. Although we made it to the finals, we didn’t place in the top 3 after the final count. Nevertheless – Thank you! Thank you to everyone who voted for us; everyone who coerced, begged, pleaded and asked their friends and family to participate in the giveaway. Excellent programs that help our active and veteran military community did win – and that’s what it’s all about, serving those that selflessly served our nation. We received tremendous exposure in the community and have received emails from all over the U.S. about our program. We couldn’t bee happier! Thank you again, and stay tuned – bee season is almost here!