June provided three speaking opportunities and a festival!

We were delighted to speak at a medieval event for the Society for Creative Anachronism in Reno, “Silver Desert Arts and Science” on June 10th.  The presentation included information on St. Gobnait the patron saint of beekeeping; monastic medicinal gardens, and pollinator friendly herbs and flowers for today’s gardener.

On June 12th, the Retired Public Employees of Nevada, Washoe Chapter, honored us with time at their meeting to present the Bees4Vets program to their members.  Thank you!

Pollinator Week (June 19-25, 2017) is always a great time to get out and appreciate the hard working pollinators (and their advocates) in your local area.  We were privileged to be invited to the Pollinator Festival at Urban Roots to present a talk called “Our History with Apis mellifera”.

Out in the apiary, our girls were bringing in the honey flow.  We were able to pull off a surplus frame to taste the bounty of the high desert – the floral notes were so distinct!



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